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My life right now.

I do not watch Community on a regular basis but I have seen this episode and this was the highlight joke for me. 

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Oh my God I cannot wait for this movie. I’ve been pumped since I first heard word from it. 

I just saw this last night and it might beat Rushmore as my top Wes Anderson film. 

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How about never?

My life and everything ever.

I just finished reading this and it is fantastic. 

I just finished reading this and it is fantastic

Just to keep in mind.

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Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland | Robert Blake


…because it reminds me of how little money I actually have.

This is stunning and I would prints of all of them, please.


…I miss WoW


…I miss WoW


This is not an exit

Please click this link.

One of my favourite characters in one of my favourite movies. 

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